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Silicates page

Legend: Sizes of specimens in cm. Sizes of crystals in mm. Weight in kg. Prices in euros (consider an exchange rate of 1.10 U.S.A. dollars for 1 euro). Reproduction of text and photos prohibited without permission of author. All the specimens are from Italy if not differently specified.

m0590.jpg (127693 byte) m0590 Yakhontovite, clinoatacamite, chenevixite – La Amorosa mine – Villahermosa del Rio - Castellon - Spain. Size 4x3x2 weight 0.1. Cluster of brown yakhontovite, blue-green clinoatacamite and chenevixite micro-crystals on matrix. Reserved

m0593- Nontronite – Can Suria quarry – La Selva – Girona - Spain. Size 3x3x2 weight 0.05. White nontronite micro-crystals in pocket of a brown matrix. Reserved

m0593.jpg (130908 byte) m0593b.jpg (128873 byte)

m0666.jpg (102396 byte) m0666- Dachiardite-(Na) – La Palaccia – Val di Fassa – Trentino – Italy (type locality). Size 3x2x1 weight 0.05. Group of pink radiating dachiardite crystals on volcanic matrix. Reserved

m0670.jpg (112787 byte) m0670- Anorthite – M.Monzoni – Val di Fassa – Trentino - Italy. Size 4x3x3 weight 0.1. Cluster of pink-salmon anorthite crystals with max. size 25 mm. without matrix. 17 €

m0053.jpg (145169 byte) m0053- Omphacite – Bric Vert – Quincinetto – Piemonte - Italy. Size 8x4x3 weight 0.25. Group of green omphacite crystals with max. size 7 mm. on matrix. Reserved

m0413.jpg (173814 byte) m0413- Cavansite – Wagholi quarry – Poona distr. – India. Size 4x3x3 weight 0.1. Blue spheric cavansite cluster of crystals with max. size 18 mm. on white heulandite. Reserved

m0988.jpg (152429 byte) m0988- Thomsonite - Shendurni quarry - Poona distr. - India. Size 5x4x3 weight 0.1. Group of two yellow thomsonite balls of 35 and 19 mm.. Reserved

m0034.jpg (87344 byte) m0034- Beryl – M.Bracco – Valle Po – Piemonte - Italy. Size 2x2x2 weight 0.05. Blue beryl crystal of 11 mm. immersed in quartz matrix. Reserved

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