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Legend: Sizes of specimens in cm. Sizes of crystals in mm. Weight in kg. Prices in euros (consider an exchange rate of 1.10 U.S.A. dollars for 1 euro). Reproduction of text and photos prohibited without permission of author. All the specimens are from Italy if not differently specified.

m0109- Synchisite-(Ce), anatase, fluorite – Cacciano quarry – Curino – Piemonte – Italy. Size 3x3x2 weight 0.05. Cluster of pink synchisite micro-crystals with black anatase and purple fluorite on granitic matrix. Reserved

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m0510- Azurite, malachite – Aouli – Midelt distr. – Morocco. Size 7x6x4 weight 0.2. Carpet of brilliant blue azurite crystals of 1-2 mm. with green bothroidal malachite. 17

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m0511- Azurite – Aouli – Midelt distr. – Morocco. Size 8x4x3 weight 0.2. Carpet of brilliant blue azurite crystals of 1-2 mm. 17

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m0551- Aragonite – Retamal - Enguidanos - Cuenca - Spain. Size 7x7x5 weight 0.4. Cluster of green-brown hexagonal aragonite crystals. The biggest one is biterminated with size 70 mm.  Reserved

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m0793- Cerussite – Min. Le Fontane – Val Corsaglia – Piemonte - Italy. Size 5x3x3 weight 0.15. Groups of yellow-cream cerussite crystals with max. size 2 mm. on matrix. 9

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m0865.jpg (174223 byte) m0865- Calcite – Montalto di Castro - Lazio - Italy. Size 10x6x3 weight 0.35. Group of yellow calcite spheres with max. size 9 mm. on black basaltic matrix. Reserved

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m0584 Claraite, azurite, enargite – La Amorosa mine – Villahermosa del Rio - Castellon - Spain. Size 5x3x3 weight 0.1. Cluster of light-blue claraite with dark-blue azurite and black enargite on matrix. Reserved


m0955- Azurite – Kimbwe Mine - Katanga - Congo. Size 5x5x3 weight 0.2. Plate of dark blue lenticular azurite crystals with max. size 5 mm. on matrix. Reserved

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m0518- Cerussite, barite, galena – Les Dalles mine - Mibladen distr. - Morocco. Size 13x6x3 weight 0.7. Big groups of white-grey cerussite crystals with max. size 12 mm. with pink lens of barite crystals and grey bothroidal galena. Crystalized on both sides. Cerussite is yellow fluorescent under U.V. light. 70 €


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m0767- Blue aragonite – Min. del Gran Muels – Pragelato – Val Chisone – Piemonte - Italy. Size 14x6x3 weight 0.3. Aggregate of light blue bothroidal aragonite on a mixed sulfides matrix. 45 €

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m1057.jpg (150228 byte) m1057- Malachite – Alpe Grifone – Val di Vił - Piemonte - Italy. Size 3x3x2 weight 0.1. Green malachite aggregate on matrix. 6 €

m0095.jpg (170428 byte) m0095- Dolomite, calcite, siderite – Mine of Brosso – Piemonte - Italy. Size 7x4x3 weight 0.25. Cluster of yellow-cream dolomite crystals with max. size 9 mm., scalenoedric calcite and lenticular siderite. Reserved

m0136- Kutnohorite, aragonite – Levane – Valdarno - Toscana - Italy. Size 2x2x2 weight 0.05. Group of brown globular kutnohorite on a spray of acicular aragonite. Reserved

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m0549- Aragonite – La Escarabehuela - Enguidanos - Cuenca - Spain. Size 2x2x1 weight 0.05. Green hexagonal aragonite crystal without matrix.  6 €


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